Wandering the Streets


Released in May 2019. This collection of 17 original compositions covers a wide-range of topics (romance, politics, aging, etc.), represents many genres (folk, bluegrass, county, rock, jazz, and pop), accommodates various moods, and includes songs that will appeal to baby-boomers, young adults, and in a few cases, children. Once again, Zan Mcleod displays his full range of talents as a producer, engineer, and a musician. He can be heard playing two or more of the following instruments on every song: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lap steel guitar, electric bass guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, keyboards/synthesizer, ukulele, banjo, and even kazoo. He also added percussion tracks to every song. Zan and I were joined in this project by three wonderful musicians from the Maryland/Virginia area. Foremost among them is Kristen Jones (IlyAIMY, Lula’s Fate, Anthem) who provides beautiful and creative supporting vocals on 14 songs; plays cello on three songs; pans on one song; and “standup electric bass” on one song. Tad Marks adds significantly to four tunes with his wonderful fiddle work. Michael Cohen provided supporting vocals on one song.

Time to Dream


Released in June 2015. This collection of 15 songs includes a few provocative protest songs ("Too Great a Price", "The Real Casualty", and "American Dreams"), several love songs ("Love You So Much", "Until the Very End", "I Could Lose Myself"), a blues ("Love Ain't Easy"), a reggae tune ("Coral Cove"), and even a couple of songs for/about and inspired by my grand children ("I Dance", "Who I Am", "Here at Home"). Some of my lyrics are likely to make you laugh, others might make you cry; some of my melodies are likely to make you hum, snap your fingers, or dance! As was the case with my previous CDs, a number of wonderful musicians assisted me on this project. Foremost among them was Zan McLeod, who demonstrated his brilliance on the acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, and bass. We were joined by Be Steadwell and Sara Curtin, two incredible local talents who provided beautiful and creative supporting vocals, Chelle Fulk who added significantly to the emotional force of several tunes with her wonderful fiddle work, my regular play mates Michael Cohen (supporting vocals) and John Romero (harmonica), as well as Skye McLeod (drums), Mark Bruininga (keyboards), and Robbie Magruder (drums).

Love's the Reason


Released in November 2010. This collection of 15 songs offers something for everyone; there are bluegrass songs, a tango tune, an audio postcard-like song about the Galapagos Islands, a song recounting Katrina’s effects on New Orleans, a reggae song, a couple of rockers, and several acoustic ballads including a lullaby. I was assisted on this project by a number of wonderful musicians including my regular band mates Mike Cohen (background vocals), Don Robinson (bass), and Zan McLeod (mandolin, guitar, bass, keyboards, and percussion). Joining us were Peter Bonta (keyboards), Randy Choice (keyboards), Joanna Danielle (background vocals), Ira Gitlan, (banjo and bass), Tad Marks (violin), Skye McLeod (drums), Naomi Naierman (recorder and background vocals), and Bruce Swaim (sax).

Just Remember


Released in October of 2005. This 13-song collection, includes contemporary folk songs similar to those by Jim Croce and James Taylor and down home country tunes evocative of Don Williams and Jonathan Edwards. In these songs, I explore the joys, humor, and sorrows of love and romantic relationships; lament the fragility of life and the threat of terrorists; and address some of the complexities of our war in Iraq and homelessness in the Untied States. The performers on Just Remember include: Zan McLeod (mandolin, guitar, bass, percussion, and keyboards), Mark Bruininga (keyboards), Mary Ann Redmond (background vocals), Bruce Swaim (saxophone and flute), Robbie Magruder (drums), Jon Carroll (piano, accordion, and background vocals), and Jason Byrd (vocals).

List of SONGs and LYRICS

  • Below you will find an alphabetic list of the songs on each CD as well as files containing the lyrics. Please contact me at for more information.