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May 4, 2019: Throw your hands up; jump as high as you can - crack a beer; pop some bubbly.. join me in clebrating the completion of "Wandering the Streets", my 4th CD. initially, I was calling the project "Curtain Call" as I truly believed it might be my last. However, as the project progressed, I had a change of heart because the quality of the work was reaching new heights. Consequently, while I can't say that I'll undertake another project, I can't say that I won't. Anyway, I urge you to listen to "Wandering the Streets." it truly has something for everyone as it covers a wide-range of topics, represents many genres, and accommodates various moods. As was true with my previous projects, "Wandering the Streets" displays Zan Mcleod's full range of talents as a producer, engineer, and musician, and provides an opportunity to appreciate the talents of other local musicians, namely Kristen Jones and Tad Mark.

June 7, 2016: Following a wonderful trip to Amsterdam, I returned home refreshed and inspired. Having visited the Resistance Museum during the week in which the Dutch celebrated Remembrance Day and returning home when the political chaos following the nomination of 'dangerous' Donald Trump was peaking, I wrote Troubled Times. To view my homemade video of this tune, visit:

October 19, 2015: Coming off a wonderful house concert, I posted a music video of Marvin's Tale, created by Digital Bard, on YouTube.. check it out ( As one fan said: " A picture tells a thousand words!

August 17, 2015: In celebration of the 46th anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair, I wrote and recorded "Woodstock or Bust." In this tune, I tell the mostly-true story of my once-in-a-lifetime experience in the summer of 1969. This tune is available on CDBaby and is featured in a music video that I prepared and posted on YouTube (visit ENJOY!!

June 19, 2015: I joked with someone at Bias Studios the other day that I would see them in five years.. it seemed like an appropriate statement since in 2005, I created my first CD, Just Remember; then in 2010, I created Love’s the Reason; and then there I was five years later, walking away after finishing work on my third CD: Time To Dream.. Yes, that’s right, a new CD which is available at CD Baby. As had been the case previously, I put together an eclectic collection of 15 songs that hopefully includes something for everyone. There are provocative protest songs, several love songs, a blues, a reggae tune, and even a couple of songs for/about and inspired by my grand children. Some of my lyrics will tickle your brain – maybe make you laugh and make you cry and some of my melodies will make you hum, snap your fingers, tap your feet, and maybe dance!

As was the case with my two previous CDs, a number of wonderful musicians assisted me on this project. Foremost among them was Zan McLeod, who demonstrated his brilliance on the acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, and bass. Be Steadwell and Sara Curtin, two incredible local talents provided beautiful and creative supporting vocals, and Chelle Fulk added significantly to the emotional force of several tunes with her wonderful fiddle work.

There are a couple of videos of live performances of the following songs on YouTube: "Pass me the bottle" at and " I just don't look good naked" at

Check them out and enjoy. I hope to see you in the near future... and until then, be well!